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The fireweed has finished blooming, a sign which the locals say heralds the end of summer.  As we lament the passing of these beautiful pink blossoms and, with them, the long sunny days, at least we can get excited by all the amazing mushrooms that are popping up everywhere.  While I’m yet to find anything as out-of-this-world as a strawberry bracket fungus (which we stumbled upon off the beaten track in central Tasmania), these North American wonders growing right in our backyard are really something else.  The striking, spotted fly agaric in particular, a far cry from the plain, white, literally backyard varieties that would be sprouting up amongst the buffalo grass back home in Oz.



I’m constantly amazed by how big these mushrooms get.  A clear indicator of deadliness as the moose would have picked them off by now.  A quick study of the Chugach State Park’s guide to wild mushrooms confirmed our deduction that, yes, you’d have to really know your way around (or be Bear Grylls) to risk eating anything foraged from the forests.  We’re quite happy just to look 😛










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