No beating a post-ride burger : Bike MS 2016 & Silvertip Grill, Girdwood AK

June 15, 2016 at 3:15 pm (Alaska, American, Bar, Breakfast/Brunch, Burgers) ()

Our waiter briefly pauses in hesitation before gingerly placing our meals down on the table, almost as if expecting to have made a mistake with the orders.  I can’t help but be amused by his confusion.  It’s totally understandable on account of the massive burger in front of me, which makes Luke’s breakfast sandwich look comically tiny by comparison.  After this ride though, I feel absolutely no shame in inhaling said burger and accompanying mountain of onion rings.

We’re at the Silvertip Grill in the heart of Girdwood town, glad to be out of the rain and wind after a blustery, 25 mile ride along Turnagain Arm.  This is your typical American diner – no frills and kinda dive-y, the kind of place that caters to everyone, from families (there’s a games corner to keep the kiddies occupied) to holiday-goers venturing out from their condos (no need to change out of your sweatpants for a visit to the local), with a bar area for sports-watching and cheap beers.

Silvertip Grill - Front 2

Silvertip Grill - Front

Silvertip Grill

In diner fashion, expect comfort food in generous portions.  Wraps, sandwiches and burgers are served with your choice of deep fried sides and, importantly, breakfast is available all day.  They do a good omelette,  topped with gooey, molten cheese, with a build-your-own, where reindeer sausage is definitely the way to go.

The philly cheese is a popular option, as evidenced by the six subs delivered to the tables next to us, over-filling with sliced beef and barely managing to stay on the plate next to man-sized portions of fries and fluorescent orange tater tots.

I can vouch for the burger; a 10oz beef patty, nicely charred from the grill, on a sturdy milk bun that does well to contain the sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onion, veg and crispy bacon loaded on the eponymous Silvertip signature.  Check the whiteboard for the occasional buffalo or bison offerings, which sell out early.

Silvertip Grill - Silvertip Burger

Silvertip Grill - Breakfast Sandwich

The rain shows no signs of letting up when we finish eating and we’re thinking of our colleagues still on the road.  The Bike MS charity ride is an annual event raising funds for MS research.  The route follows the Seward Highway, starting out from Girdwood and turning around at Hope for riders completing the full 110 mile round-trip.  For casual riders, 25 miles is a sufficient challenge when you’re on a mountain bike and battling a headwind.  It’s a big step up to the 50 mile route, which involves a long, hard slog up to Turnagain Pass.

Bike MS 2016 7

In all honesty, this is not a ride I’d recommend just for kicks.  Along this stretch of one of Alaska’s deadliest highways, there is no dedicated bike path, just a shoulder, 4ft across at its widest and shrinking to less than 2ft over bridges.  At this time of year, also expect to have to negotiate parked cars where fishermen are dip-netting for candlefish.  There’s something to be said for being out on a bike right by the water, but having to be on the lookout for aggressive drivers, swinging trailers and the occasional trail of slippery candlefish carcasses detracts somewhat from enjoying the views.  For a cause, however, we’re glad to have had the opportunity to do it and contribute.

BIke MS 2016 4

A shout out to our team mates who battled the elements to complete their 50 and 75 mile rides, with a special mention for the battlers who rode 110 miles to Hope and back, on a tandem bike no less!

Bike MS 2016 3

Bike MS 2016 2

Bike MS 2016 1

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