Food Factory : 44 College Rd, Fairbanks

March 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm (Alaska, American, Bar, Burgers, Travel)

A certain someone I know is adamantly opposed to mixing his sweet with his savory.  I’m in the opposite camp; what would a red duck curry be without lychees, biryani without currants, roast pork without apple sauce?  That being said, even I am a bit skeptical about the description for “Erik’s Adult Grilled Cheese”, which proposes to pervert the classic grilled cheese sandwich with pineapple.  My misgivings turn out to be unfounded; with a mix of gooey cheddar and pepperjack, pickled jalapeno and that controversial grilled pineapple, barely contained between well-buttered grilled bread, this sandwich tastes like a jalapeno pizza.  Add to that a side of sweet potato fries and you have the ultimate comfort food after spending a morning out in the cold.  Sticklers for tradition can hate, but Erik’s creation has a well deserved spot on the Food Factory Favorites list.

Food Factory - Eriks Grilled Cheese

We had similar reservations on first arriving at 44 College Rd.  After asking our cab driver to recommend a good spot for American food (being still somewhat distrustful of the Asian eateries that seem to dominate Yelp listings), we get dropped off at a shabby building in a strip mall, complete with unmarked entrance and faded, 80s vintage, roadside signage in desperate need of a refresh.  If we hadn’t followed another group inside, we probably would never have made it through the entrance.

I believe the technical term for the theme at Food Factory is “man cave”.  Features of this interior style include neon beer signage, sports memorabilia, arcade games and big toy planes.  The exhaustive menu is accordingly stacked with things deep fried, cheesy and bread-y, served with more deep fried things.  Beer snacks include fried cheese, popcorn chicken, cheesy fries, nachos and another variety of fried cheese.  There’s a page worth of loaded cheese steaks, a page worth of burgers, wraps, “hoagies” (aka subs) and (decadent?) steak-topped and cheese-dressed salads.  A 1.5lb “Awesome” burger with ham, bacon and a pound of fries (30% larger than the 1982 version per the vintage menu on the wall) sounds less than awesome, but a regular, 4oz maple bacon BBQ burger gets a thumbs up. As do sticky BBQ rib tips, french onion soup topped with way too much split cheese not so much.

Food Factory

Food Factory2

Food Factory - Maple Bacon Burger

Food Factory - Rib TIps

With Silver Gulch on tap, this is the place to be if you’re in the mood for a big, greasy, no-fuss feed.  When the kids menu reads “corn dog and fries” though, probably not one for your regular rotation.

Food Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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