HooDoo in Fairbanks

March 12, 2016 at 5:57 pm (Alaska, Bar, Travel) ()

As our cab trundles along a seemingly endless driveway through isolated parkland, alarm bells should be ringing.  But despite the fact that the Best Western Pioneer Park appears to be in the middle of nowhere, these happily oblivious out-of-towners set out for a stroll on a cold, Fairbanks winter night in search of dinner.

I’m all for winging it when it comes to travel (more out of laziness than anything).  Sometimes it works out and you stumble across an amazing experience, off the beaten track.  Other times, let’s just say you take away some tips for future reference and come away with good stories to laugh about later.  This is a (benign) case of the latter.

On finally emerging from aforementioned driveway and surveying the vast expanse of empty industrial plots ahead of us, it becomes clear that we actually are in the middle of nowhere.  That, and “round the corner” doesn’t have quite the same meaning in Fairbanks as it does for Aussies accustomed to the instant gratification afforded by inner-city living.  Having already come this far, we resolutely push on ahead.  On the plus side, its a beautiful, clear, crisp night, sub-zero temperatures have kept the roads from becoming too slick and our toe warmers are working their magic.  Not bad conditions for an evening walk and how far away could “round the corner” be?


Turns out it’s about half a mile as the crow flies, longer in this case as a result of a general poor sense of direction, exacerbated by lack of any defining landmarks and no access to Google maps.  We are surprised (also very relieved) to finally stumble upon the HooDoo Brewery, warmth and WiFi.

HooDoo is the brainchild of Fairbanks local, Bobby Wilken.  Rotating beers on tap at the Fox Avenue brewery offer some interesting tastings.  Their crisp Kolsch is German through-and-through, in style, malt and hops, that speaks to Wilken’s time in Munich.  If the cold is calling for a fuller-bodied brew, it’s a hard pick between a rich, English malt, vanilla porter and HooDoo stout that’s all creamy, chocolate-y sweetness thanks to the addition of oatmeal and milk sugar.  American-style beers are, of course, a given, and their citrus-y American IPA is a best-seller.

HooDoo - On Tap

HooDoo - Brewery

HooDoo - Award

Visit on Saturday for a free tour of the facilities, with a 4pm start leaving plenty of time for a few drinks before 8pm closing time.  No worries if, like us, you turn up a bit late – fill a growler to go, maybe a keg if you need to stock up.

If we could sustain ourselves on beer we would, but it’s time to move on.  This time, we’re calling a cab.

HooDoo Brewing Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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