Gruesome deaths, psychopaths and Donald Trump @ 49th State Brewery

February 29, 2016 at 4:54 pm (Alaska, American, Bar) (, )

When winters are long, dark and cold, finding activities to pass the time can make all the difference in getting through to summer with sanity intact.  Thankfully, Anchorage is well prepared, with plenty of venues hosting all manner of live music, stand-up and Harry Potter nights to help you get out of the house.  This is how we find ourselves at 49th State Brewery, downtown Anchorage, with Geeks Who Drink, because what better way to spend a Monday night than with a cold one, swapping Star Wars puns with dudes in GoT T-shirts?

49th State - GWD

Having recently expanded their operations to Anchorage, Healy-based micro-brewery, 49th State, is still in the process of settling into its new haunt at the former Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewery site.  The pub is looking understandably rough around the edges but with good bones to work with, including a grand central bar and fantastic view of the Port, it should scrub up nicely.

Eight beers on tap sample their range of Belgian-, American- and UK-style beers.  We try a couple of the house specialties; a sweet and fruity, easy-drinking Baked Blonde golden ale and C-hops-rich Solstice IPA that gets the thumbs up for its big citrus flavor.  On the other end of the spectrum is a chocolate-y McCarthy Stout, its rich maltiness lending itself well to nitrogenation for an even creamier finish.  A spicy Vagabond Saison and toffee-sweet, red Scottish ale also feature from their winter Hibernation series and we’re hoping for some rotation to sample a chocolate porter before the end of the season.

While the full menu is being ironed out, a subset of popular pub eats from the Denali menu is available, including 49er hot sauce glazed buffalo wings, pretzels and steak nachos, of which baking-tray-sized servings would comfortably serve two (or one very hungry geek).  Cold weather puts us in the mood for good-old Mac ‘n’ Cheese and 49th’s is an excellent rendition of an American classic.  The macaroni still has some bite to it, draped in a silky, aged cheddar sauce and baked and served in an iron skillet that gets rid of your cold, lumpy mac problems.

49th State - Mac and Cheese Meatlovers

The one new item on the menu is not quite so successful.  A trio of venison, elk and buffalo sliders is a bit one dimensional, the sauces overwhelmingly sweet, white buns slightly doughy and fried onions not delivering on texture.  We’ll be sticking to their classic burgers and putting in our vote for Pig Roast Fridays to be brought down from Healy.

49th State - Sliders

Monday’s trivia session is all gruesome deaths, psychopaths and Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, this all-Aussie duo starts off on the back foot with a lack of American geo-political knowledge.  We gain some ground with comic book movies and anatomy but not enough to bridge the gaps in audio and old TV references.  With more sessions scheduled for Monday (49th State) and Tuesday (Taproot), it’s time to do some studying.  And you bet we stole that pencil – we’ll just re-use it next time.

49th State - Visual

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  1. Gary Motteram said,

    Love that review. Geek (singular) drinking? Please don’t get totally corrupted by US politics!

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