Night Noodle Markets 2015

November 22, 2015 at 11:15 am (Melbourne CBD) (, , , , , , , , )

The Night Noodle Markets are back for The Age Good Food Month and 2015 is bigger and better than ever.  50 vendors have set up shop across three sites at Birrarung Marr, with favourites like Gelato Messina, Chin Chin and Wonderbao rubbing shoulders with an all-star line-up of newcomers, including Din Tai Fung and the much-anticipated Hawker Hall.  Between Hawker Hall’s debut, Black Star Pastry’s watermelon cake and international star-power a la Big Gay Ice-cream and Momofuku, get ready for a serious case of FOMO.

Unsurprisingly, franken-foods are the order of the day; think nori tacos and ramen burgers, with Melbourne’s favourite hazelnut spread joining the fray in dumpling form.  Topping the list of have-to-eats is the bao-ger.  This Messina/Wonderbao brainchild delivers a golden fried gua bao (much like your fried mantou buns for chilli crab lovers), filled with gelato and smothered in sweet sauce.  The Bao Chicka Bao Bao is all peanuts and chocolate-y goodness, while David Bao-wy’s coconut, white chocolate and mango combination offers a ‘lighter’ (yeah right) option.  Pre-dinner dessert is seriously a good option if you want to avoid the Instagram crowds.  (In my humble opinion, bao makes a much better accompaniment for savoury foods because it adds just a bit of sweetness to the mix.  It’s a bit swamped by all the sugar in these sweet versions, but this is probably still one to tick off the list.)

Noodle Markets 2015 - Bao-gers

All the standard street food faves are back for dinner; Thai noodles, dumplings, pho in a cup for ease of consumption (genius), rice paper rolls, deep fried things, and no food market would be complete without satay.  A few more Indian options are a welcome addition, including Delhi Street’s pani puri and curry or noodle-filled, crispy dosa by Overdosa.

Noodle Markets 2015 - Satay


Noodle Markets 2015 - Dosa

As usual, seating is at a premium, there will be queues and expect to fork out good cash to fill up.  But it’s summer in Melbourne, the food is tasty and the atmosphere buzzing, so make sure you check it out before the market packs up at the end of the month.





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