Tsukiji : 237 High St, Prahran

July 19, 2015 at 8:33 pm (Japanese, Prahran) (, )


Tsukiji - Seating

Tsukiji is the sort of place that locals want to keep to themselves.  This tiny Japanese eatery/grocer serves up sashimi as fresh as you would expect of the markets in its namesake city, filling a gap in the Prahran/Windsor area for quality, wallet-friendly Japanese.  Take your pick of seafood from the fridge to be freshly sliced on the spot; there’s salmon, tuna and kingfish, with other offerings less frequently seen outside of high-end establishments, including hapuka, gurnard, sea urchin roe and, if you’re very lucky, prized ootoro (fatty tuna belly).  Fish is portioned so that you can sample a good variety, with rice and piping hot miso soup on the side.

Tsukiji - Fridge

Tsukiji - Sashimi

A hot food menu is also available.  Mix and match otsumami (small plates) izakaya-style for a light meal; plump, pork and cabbage filled gyouza, crispy-edged okonomiyaki slathered with creamy kewpie and that more-ish, mystery okonomiyaki sauce, braised pork belly that dissolves in your mouth, fresh oysters simply served with tart ponzu, with takoyaki to round out the list of popular snacks.

Tsukiji - Gyouza

Tsukiji - Okonomiyaki

More substantial main dishes include una-don of sweet, sticky eel on rice, Japanese curry, steaming bowls of udon with lightly battered prawn fritters and salmon fried rice.  Yakisoba is a generous serve of what appears to be 2-minute noodles and lettuce tossed in a sweet and salty sauce, harking back to the comfort food of my uni days.  If you’re looking for fancy or refined, then you’ve come to the wrong place; this is simple, home cooking at its best.  And yes, cooked lettuce is actually quite tasty.

Tsukiji - Yakisoba

Wash it down with  a cold Kirin, or there’s a good selection of sake (including an interesting sparkling version) and umeshu.  Dessert is either ice cream or sticky mochii and you might as well pick up some green tea Kit Kats to go along with your Japanese pantry staples.  Note to pancake-lovers; this is also the place to go for your dorayaki fix.

Gochisousama deshita!

Tsukiji - Sake

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