High Tea at The Hotel Windsor : 111 Spring St, Melbourne CBD

July 13, 2013 at 9:02 pm (Dessert, European, Melbourne CBD)

Hotel Windsor - Spring St

Forget the dessert buffets that invariably leave you feeling ill (and guilty for that matter), the cultured restraint of a tiered stand served at the table is what really makes a High Tea.  High Tea at the historic Hotel Windsor is quite the glamorous affair; widely touted as the venue of choice in Melbourne, the formal dining room, with chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling and high-backed chairs at white linen clothed tables set with silverware, is a story-book setting.  Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most expensive High Teas, with $59 weekday sittings and weekend sessions priced at $79 (weekends do feature a dessert buffet).

Hotel Windsor - High Tea

Hotel Windsor - Setting

Our weekday service began with flutes of Morgan’s Bay Sparkling Cuvee, followed by afternoon tea presented on a three-tiered cake stand.  The savoury portion of the meal comprised an assortment of ribbon sandwiches; not particularly outstanding, with the exception of the chicken, apple and mayonnaise sandwiches.  The salmon, ham and cucumber sandwiches were disappointingly short on filling.

Hotel Windsor - Sandwiches

The second tier featured an assortment of beautifully presented sweets.  Delicate vanilla macarons filled with chai pastry cream, creamy coconut and mango mousse layered on a light lime poppyseed financier, Paris-brest filled with hazelnut cream and topped with frosted almonds, red velvet sponge topped with Madagascar vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and, the winner in my books, the ‘Chocolate Gentleman’, a decadent chocolate mouse, layered with creme brulee and chocolate feuilletine.

Hotel Windsor - Dessert

Golden scones sitting atop the uppermost tier provided the perfect finish.  The plain and raisin scones were deliciously buttery and flaky, served with rich double cream and berry compote.

Hotel Windsor - Scones

The tea menu included a wide selection of brews, ranging from The Hotel Windsor’s signature blends, fragrant Supreme Earl Grey and bold Irish Breakfast, to smoky Lapsang Souchong, spiced Malabar Chai and floral Cleopatra’s Champagne.

Hotel Windsor - Earl Grey

Service was hit-and-miss.  We were not offered tea until a third of the way through the sitting, while other tables were left waiting for food.  A beautiful setting with impressive desserts, excellent scones and a good range of teas, however, I will be visiting some other venues before coming back to this one.

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