Vegie Mum : 27 Village Ave, Doncaster

April 2, 2013 at 11:44 am (Chinese, Doncaster, Malaysian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Victoria)

Vegie Mum

Vegie Mum - Sign

Vegie Mum in Doncaster is a Chinese/Malaysian, family restaurant that will truly surprise you.  When it comes to vegetarian food, faux meat is very hit and miss; I don’t particularly understand why there is a need to imitate meat products (seems to defeat the purpose of being vegetarian), especially when the imitations can have odd textures and strange aftertastes.  However, Vegie Mum’s dishes take imitation meat to a whole new level and dining here is a great experience.

The menu is very comprehensive, categorised according to the type of faux meat (‘seafood’, ‘duck/chicken’, ‘beef/lamb’, ‘pork’ and so forth).  There are also straight vegetarian options without soy protein.

‘Chicken’ skewers are truly deceptive; grilled to give the protein a smoky flavour and topped with a sweet peanut-satay sauce.

Vegie Mum - Satay Chicken

Honey roasted ‘pork’ tastes and feels like char-sui, thinly sliced and coated in sweet BBQ sauce, while roast ‘duck’ is as close as you can get it, with a top layer of crispy ‘skin’.

Vegie Mum - BBQ Pork

Fragrant curry laksa is generously portioned and topped with a mix of ‘prawns’, ‘fish’ cakes and tofu; one of the best laksa soups I have tasted.

Vegie Mum - Curry Laksa

However, the standout dish is Vegie Mum’s ‘pork belly’, stir fried with green beans.  Flavoured with a sweet marinade, the texture of the soy pork is unbelievably accurate, complete with a layer of pork ‘fat’.

Vegie Mum - Pork Belly

I highly recommend a visit to Vegie Mum, whether you have or haven’t tried imitation meat.  The dishes here are quite unique in the way different textures of soy protein have been used so that they do not rely solely on the use of sauces.  Guarantee that even meat-eaters will love the food.  However, make sure to book to avoid a lengthy wait or even missing out completely.

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  1. Cindy said,

    We have visited once and really liked it! Haven’t had the ‘pork belly’ though, I must remember to order it next time. 🙂

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