March 3, 2013 at 2:22 pm (Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee, Prahran, Victoria)


Brunch at Hobba was a special occasion; mainly because someone managed to convince our anti-brunch foodie to come along and pay an exorbitant amount of money for ‘breakfast food’ 😛  Located on busy Malvern Rd, this converted tyre-fitting shop is bright and airy, very hip and features a funky menu to match.


A breakfast fry-up of egg, slab bacon and tomato arrived on a bed of bubble and squeak.


The ‘reuben monsieur’ was an interesting mash-up; corned beef and cheesy bechamel with some pickled carrot for sweetness.


Creamy horseradish panna cotta with grilled asparagus, hazelnut crumb and slow poached egg was a great combination.  However, why you wouldn’t serve toast with poached eggs and cream by default is beyond me  (extra $1 for toast).


Our orders also dipped into the requisite burger menu, with the pulled pork burger (slow-roasted pork shoulder, mozarella,  and pickles on brioche, with some lettuce to lessen the guilt slightly) receiving a thumbs up.


The menu at Hobba does go beyond standard breakfast fare and is worth trying.  It is, however, a bit on the expensive side considering the small portions (let’s just say we didn’t manage to change S’s stance on brunch), and probably not a venue I’d visit regularly.

Hobba on Urbanspoon


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