Sourdough Kitchen

January 15, 2013 at 9:39 pm (Bakery, Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee, Seddon, Victoria)

A colleague and I have embarked on a journey to discover the culinary delights of the west.  First brunch stop, Seddon’s Sourdough Kitchen.

Sourdough Kitchen

Sourdough Kitchen is, as the name suggests, all about sourdough.  Products are handmade from organic flour and range from rustic take-home loaves (traditional white, rye and wholemeal, along with pumpkin and pepita, onion and sage, beetroot and hazelnut, olive and cornbread to name a few) to muffins, danishes, fruit buns, scrolls and their famous sourdough croissants.

Sourdough Kitchen - Muffins

Sourdough Kitchen - Pastries

The croissants are everything their cracked up to be.  The pastry is buttery and flaky, with a bit of a tang; almond would have to be my favourite, chocolate a close second, with just enough filling to avoid overpowering the flavour of the pastry.

Sourdough Kitchen - Almond Croissant

Sourdough Kitchen - Croissant cut

The breakfast menu features a selection of wholesome dishes served with freshly baked bread.  Fluffy egg omelettes are topped with plump sauteed mushrooms and creamy Meridith goats cheese, served on classic Casalinga toast.

Sourdough Kitchen - Omelette

Baked mushrooms are stuffed with sharp, salty blue cheese and parsley, paired with freshly poached eggs and served on dense potato and barley toast.

Sourdough Kitchen - Baked Mushrooms

For lunch, there’s a selection of sandwiches, sourdough pizza squares, tarts, salads and delicious home-made sausage rolls on offer.  Their pork and fennel sausage roll reminded me of how good a quality sausage roll can be; rich, flaky pastry filled with a succulent mix of pork, carrot and fennel, topped with toasted fennel seeds and served with fresh coleslaw and sweet relish.

Sourdough Kitchen - Sausage Roll

Coffee by Genovese is a bit milky, but otherwise fine.

Sourdough Kitchen - Coffee

Verdict…  Stop 1 on the WFS was a winner; wholesome and unpretentious, with the added bonus of being able to get some take-away munchies for later.  The cafe also has a wonderful community feel to it.  There’s a lot of support from local customers (including Common Galaxia and Footscray Milking Station) and they also do their bit to support the local community, raising money for various causes and donating leftover bread to the Western Region Health Centre.
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