Clement Coffee

January 14, 2013 at 9:21 pm (Coffee, Seddon, Victoria)


Recently opened in what used to be an electrical substation at South Melbourne Market, Clement Coffee is the new addition to South Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene.  A large wooden door swings open to reveal a bright, clean space; light timber set against white painted brick walls, with a map of South America painted in pastel colours forming a backdrop for the impressive Spirit Triplette taking pride of place on the marble counter.


Coffees on offer are rotated every few weeks; the line-up features single origins roasted by Clement using the roaster at St Ali, as well as Pony Bikes’ Pony Blend and beans from other local roasters including Small Batch, Market Lane and Proud Mary.  There are two options to choose from for espresso-based drinks, prepared by owner Kris Woods and his team of bearded baristas on the imported Spirit.  A further two varieties are available for coffees prepared by French press or Aeropress.


Clement-single origins


The Spirit produces some incredible coffee; it didn’t take much to convince me to try both single origins, a full-bodied, chocolate-y El Salvador Guochoca and fruity, syrupy Guatemala La Perla.


The sign at the door says ‘Coffee for now, beans for home’ and the timber shelves are stocked with beans for sale, along with specialty hot chocolate from Mork.  A wall-mounted glass cabinet is kept well stocked with sweet treats for those looking for something to accompany their drinks.




For those who can’t make it to Clement for their morning caffeine hit, they now supply some cafes in the CBD with their own beans, so head on down to Cup of Truth or Alice Nivens if you’re keen.

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