Laksa King

September 8, 2012 at 10:34 am (Flemington, Malaysian, Victoria)

Mum always complains that the places I take her are too expensive, so this time round, we went hunting for cheap eats.  Knowing how popular Laksa King is, it probably wasn’t the best idea to go at 6pm on a Sunday night.  Despite the intimidating queue however, the wait wasn’t bad at all (all credit goes to front-of-house, who kept things organised and regularly updated customers on wait times).  Also gave us some time to peruse the menu, helpfully written on the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard next to the kitchen

The new venue is quite spacious, comprising essentially 3 dining areas, with some updated design elements.  Love the naked bulbs in the main dining room, complete with exposed yellow wiring, extending from the yellow noodle-y patterns on the wall.

Food arrived very quickly.  We had a seafood laksa to share; rice vermicelli noodles, topped generously with a mix of scallops, mussels, prawns, sliced fish cake, calamari, fried tofu cubes and a big chunk of soft eggplant, scattered with fragrant fried shallots.  All good for soaking up the aromatic soup of coconut milk and curry spices (next time, we’ll get some roti to mop up the rest :P).  My only complaint would be that it wasn’t at all spicy but all the better for pleasing the crowds I guess.

Rather than going for another laksa, we ordered a char kway teow; thick rice noodles, fish cake, prawns, lap cheong sausage, egg and sprouts, stir-fried in dark and sweet soy sauce.  Good ‘wok heat’.

So Laksa King received a big thumbs up from Mum (finally, a win!).  It’s definitely great value and my go-to place for laksa, although I’m keen to try some of the roti wraps and dumplings next time I’m there.
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