Pho Dzung Tan Dinh

August 25, 2012 at 10:38 pm (Richmond, Victoria, Vietnamese)

Victoria St, Richmond, is the place to go when you’ve got a craving for pho, but with so many Vietnamese restaurants, which one do you choose?  With a thumbs up from renowned food critic, Choi Lan, as a recommendation, we ended up at Pho Dzung Tan Dinh.


The pho-centric menu lists 13 variations of beef noodle soup, including the classic rare beef, brisket, beef tendon, beef balls and tripe, along with other ‘interesting’ options (beef brisket fat and beef pizzle??).  There are also a number chicken noodle soup combinations, as well the ever-popular Vietnamese cha gio (spring rolls), grilled pork and grilled chicken, and a drinks list to rival the food menu.

Pho tai arrived steaming hot; thin, slippery noodles in an aromatic broth, topped with thin slices of beef.  On the side, a generous portion of bean sprouts and basil, with lemon for some vitamin C (to help you absorb the iron from the beef, mum insists).  The richly flavoured broth was a definite stand-out and, judging by the fact that I was not crazily thirsty after drinking half a bowl of it, not loaded with MSG.

Of course, a pho outing is not complete without a 3 color drink; sweet red kidney beans with tapioca jelly, topped up with coconut milk and crushed ice.  No mung bean for some reason but still delicious.

Will still be trying out some more restaurants along Victoria St, but Pho Dzung is definitely a good option to fall back on if you’re on the look-out for good pho.

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  1. timsullivandiglit said,

    I like your post and agree with your choice of soup venue. I love this place and frequent it regularly. I hope you don’t mind but I stole the image of the shop sign for my blog. I will replace it with one of my own the next time I get out to Richmond or the city.

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