August 4, 2012 at 10:47 am (Chinese, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

I haven’t previously tried yumcha in Melbourne; saving the calories for Sydney as family gatherings invariably entail dim sums.  So when catching up with S and her mum on a lazy Saturday afternoon, we decided to give it a go.  I’m always a bit cautious about big Chinese restaurants in Chinatown as they tend to charge exorbitant prices for un-authentic food.  However, S suggested that Westlake was a fairly safe bet.

Sure enough, I was immediately reminded of Hong Kong as we were ‘greeted’ by the gruff maitre’d.  In true Hong Kong style, photos of celebrities who had dined at the restaurant, including food critic Choi Lan and TVB star Bosco Wong, were displayed with pride (seriously, I even saw street vendors in Mongkok doing this).  The restaurant was packed and there was a bit of confusion at the front of house but luckily, we were able to secure a table upstairs without too much trouble.  Once we were seated, the staff were lovely and service was very efficient.

Overall, the food was fairly average but not overly expensive.  Prawn and pork were used extensively and dim sums started to all taste very similar after a while, however there were a couple of standouts, including an incredible sesame mochi dumpling that I’ll probably get take away next time I go past the restaurant.

> Prawn and pork siu mai

> Steamed BBQ pork buns (char xiu bao)

 > Rice noodle with BBQ pork (char xiu jing cheung fun)

 > Steamed meat balls with coriander and water chestnut (san juk ngau yuk yuen)

 > One of my favourites – fried mochi dumplings filled with mince (ham sui gok – or ‘fat and sugar dumplings’ :P)

 > Steamed prawn and scallop dumplings – variation on har gau, made with wonton wrappers instead of the wheat starch wrappers

 > A seafood roll with tofu skin (seen juk guen)

> Steamed vegetarian dumplings (loh hon jai gau) – something I’ve never seen before but those who like loh hon jai will enjoy this variation

> Fried mochi dumplings (jian dui) filled with salted black sesame paste – absolutely delicious

> And, of course, egg tarts to finish – the egg custard was delicious but the rough puff pastry was a little bit too dense

Will definitely have to head out to the burbs to try out some more yumcha restaurants.
Westlake on Urbanspoon


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  1. piggyeatalot said,

    OMG!! Bosco Wong 😀 SO HAWT! Heehee… Sorry… just got really distracted 😉 LOL

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