Bistro Vue

August 4, 2012 at 9:45 am (French, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

With Bastille Day celebrations still fresh in our minds, we decided that Bistro Vue would be an appropriate venue for a quiet lunch.  Located in the Normanby Chambers off Chancery Lane, the restaurant is wonderfully quiet and private, and so distinctly French, with a scheme that seamlessly blends vintage and provincial elements to create a casually elegant space (I want those vintage chairs with the plush velvet cushions!).

The extensive menu is bound to have something to suit any taste; for entrees alone, there are over 12 options, with oysters and caviar for those feeling indulgent, and mains are divided into risottos/pastas, fish, crayfish, meat, with steak in a category of its own.  There is also a dish of the day, along with an Escoffier dish of the week (which was a tête de cochon terrine).  Have a look online beforehand so that you don’t spend half an hour just trying to decide 😛

We did not have a French-style, 3 hour lunch break, so, after some freshly baked baguettes to start, we jumped straight to the mains.  J opted for the David Blackmore Wagyuu secondary cut (9+ marble score, 600 days grain-fed), cooked sous-vide and served with mushrooms, potato gratin and a pepper sauce.  The slow-cooked wagyuu was pink and tender, receiving a big thumbs up from J.

Our waitress recommended the assiette de porc.  A platter of pork done three ways – melt-in-the-mouth pork belly with perfect crackling, a juicy rolled pork loin and meaty black pudding – arrived with a dish of lentils, cooked with bacon.  A baked apple and sweet Calvados sauce balanced out the richness of the meat.

We had curried spinach on the side, served in a cute iron dish.  Very tasty but probably should have ordered a salad considering how heavy the mains were.

After the mains, we were once again presented with a difficult decision, this time trying to choose from a list of 10 desserts.  For J, a creamy chocolate and chestnut parfait, architecturally arranged on a plate with dots of meringue and rhubarb for a bit of sourness.

And for me, tarte tatin; I know, another apple dessert, but a tarte tatin done well is the height of indulgence.  The tarte had just the right proportion of apple and pastry, which was chewy in the middle, glossy and crispy around the edges, with a gorgeous, sticky caramel.  Served straight from the pan at the table, it was paired with a vanilla-bean custard (although I think a vanilla ice-cream would have been a nice contrast to the warm caramel sauce).

So, Cafe Vue – tick.  Bistro Vue – tick.  Vue de Monde next 😛 ?

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  1. piggyeatalot said,

    I LOVE Bistro Vue’s Tarte Tartin! But that chestnut dessert looked awesome too!

    Don’t go to Vue de Monde if u are rushing at lunch time- it takes hours 🙂 Maybe a leisurely Sunday lunch?

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