Molecular Monday @ The Aylesbury

July 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm (Australian, Bar, European, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

Monday saw S and I heading down to The Aylesbury on Lonsdale St for a night of molecular madness.  Over the course of two hours, lab-coat wearing staff served up 8 dishes created by chef Daniel Dobra, featuring foams, gels and soils galore, along with liquid nitrogen theatrics and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to our beloved St Kilda.

There was the option of a cocktail degustation to go with the food menu but it was a non-alcoholic night, so drinks were juice and a refreshing apple/ginger/vanilla/mint mocktail.  However, I’m very curious to find out what the ingredients for “Charlie Sheen’s Breakfast” and “Everybody Loves Head” were if anyone would care to share 😛

Onto the food:

“End @ The Start” (essentially carrot and dirt) – carrot juice, carbonated eggplant ‘soil’, candied olive and orange.

“Ham And Cheese Toastie” – crumbed ham hock and cheese fingers, pickled onion jam.

” Potato Chips” – potato crisps, chicken foam, salt and vinegar foam.

” Beached As” – poached leek stuffed with scallop, squid ink bacon, truffle sand, seaweed, hazelnut foam.

The first four dishes were curious and exciting, with distinct, quite intense elements, but the flavour combinations weren’t particularly appealing.  The second half of the menu featured some more familiar flavours that I found much more enjoyable, but maybe I’m just a bit boring.

” Shin Bone” (our waiter apologised profusely for over-cooking the osso bucco, leaving only the bone) – Veal stuffed daikon, melted bone marrow, tomato sauce, basil.  The veal stuffing was delicious; rich, creamy and sweet.

” French Onion Le Snak” – French onion cream (wonderfully light and fluffy) and what tasted suspiciously like crushed cheezels.

“St Kilda Beach” – crumble sand, vanilla custard served in a syringe, toffee shards, roasted apple, and an apple gel remnant of a wild night, filled with apple puree.  Essentially a de-constructed apple crumble, this was, conceptually, the most amusing, encapsulating everything that you would dread to find (but very well may in St Kilda) buried in the sand.  And it was delicious.

The big guns were out for the final course as Chef Dobra presented his “Broken Sacha Torte”, comprising all the elements of the classic Viennese dessert… just frozen.  Tasting like a jaffa extravaganza, the components included a frozen orange-choc mousse, dehydrated chocolate sponge, and chocolate ‘meringues’ that the chef proceeded to ‘cook’ at the table with the ‘negative energy’ of liquid nitrogen.  Brilliant.

All-in-all a very fun and different dining experience.  Make sure to get there quick before the end of the month!

(On another note, we were seated next to the chef’s family for the service and received an interesting lesson in philosophy from his uncle, so here’s a cute riddle for you – What is more powerful than God, more evil than the Devil?  The poor have it, the rich lack it and if you eat it you will die.)

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