Cheeky Sunday Roast @ Brunswick Street Cider House

July 8, 2012 at 10:48 pm (Australian, Bar, Fitzroy, Victoria)

We almost missed out on Brunswick Street Cider House’s Sunday Roast series, which was originally planned for the month of June, but, luckily for us, was extended to the end of winter.  Three dishes have been created to showcase Rebello’s Cheeky Rascal Ciders and, for $32, you can enjoy a roast dinner paired with a cider.

It was hard to ignore the rest of the menu, but we were there to try the roasts, so the much-recommended fries and burgers will have to wait till next time.  E and N went straight for the duck breast, with a blueberry and raspberry cider jus, matched with summerberry cider.

J only had eyes for the confit pork belly, with pear and apple cider jus, matched with apple and raspberry cider.

To complete our menu sampling, I opted for slow-roasted kangaroo and apple and raspberry cider jus, also matched with an apple and raspberry cider.

The meats were delicious (although I think I prefer a quickly seared kangaroo fillet as opposed to a slow roast), served with creamy mash, sweet roasted baby carrots and beans.  The serving sizes were just a bit small – not exactly ‘big and hearty’ like you’d normally expect of a roast dinner.  The cider jus was also quite acidic, which, although a good match with duck and pork, was an odd sauce for kangaroo.  The actual ciders were lovely and sweet, very easy to drink.

Feeling not quite full, we were ready for dessert.  Two delicious-sounding options divided the table; for E and J, the vanilla bean panna cotta, with a berry cider coulis and almond praline.  Light and creamy panna cotta (a bit grainy, but who really cares if it tastes good) with just the right amount of wobble.

N and I couldn’t pass up the apple and boysenberry cider pie with vanilla ice cream.  OK, but again, the cider added too much acidity, so that it wasn’t as rich as I would have liked.

Overall, the verdict was that the roasts were so-so value-wise but that we would definitely be back to try the regular menu items (duck fat roasted chips anyone?) and extensive cider selection.  The atmosphere was great; a casual, warehouse setting with large communal tables as well as comfy lounges and bar stool seating at tables for smaller groups, funky wall art and soft lighting courtesy of the hessian bag lampshades.  Another reason to make the trip north of the river 😛

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