Asian Beer Cafe

June 23, 2012 at 11:47 pm (Bar, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

I am unashamed to admit that Asian Beer Cafe is a pretty cool place to hang out.  My reasons being:

  1. $4 pizzas after 7pm.  Not exactly gourmet, but you can’t complain about that price, especially with awesome names like The Adventures of Tin Tin (chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce – probably my favourite), Snow White (four cheeses) and Road to El Dorado (meatlovers), to bring out your inner child.
  2. Funky decor – bird cages hanging from the ceiling, over-sized statues, decorative fans, dramatic lighting, a room called the Ronin’s Chambers with a sign featuring Mugen and Jin (otaku moment!), even a Pikachu at the bar.
  3. Amusing video clips to keep you entertained – various kung fu movies, DBZ….
  4. Green beer on St Patrick’s Day.

A rare example of where a combination of randomness and multiple cliches –> brilliance 😛

Asian Beer Cafe on Urbanspoon


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