Alpha Ouzeri

June 23, 2012 at 11:13 pm (Fitzroy, Greek, Victoria)

Alpha Ouzeri embodies everything that I love about Greek food; hearty, no-fuss, generous and full-flavoured food.  Just what you need to warm you up on a cold winter night; no surprise the restaurant was packed to the brim with hungry patrons.  We were lucky to get a table with short notice thanks to our lovely Miss J 🙂

Having previously been warned about the large serving sizes, we were restrained in our ordering, but still ended up with too much food.  It was difficult to even choose a starter given the long list of items from the specials board on top of the already extensive menu.

We had a thick, creamy beetroot dip, served with warm pita bread to start, together with sweet pickled vegetables to whet the appetite.  Be warned, it is so easy to just fill up on that lovely, grilled bread.

Next up, a rustic dish of braised broad beans and artichokes; tender vegetables in a silky broth, which tasted much better than it looked.

The rabbit stifado, a Greek-style, red wine casserole, was just begging for some crusty bread to mop up the intensely flavoured stew.

And finally, the grilled swordfish; 4 juicy swordfish steaks, with a delicious smokey flavour from the char grill, served with a Greek salad.

The decision was made (OK, I made the decision :P) that we could not leave without trying the donuts.  The loukamades, warm donut balls smothered with honey, cinnamon and crushed peanuts, were divine.  So good in fact that S, who insisted that he would only eat one, polished off half the plate.

The staff were wonderfully friendly and enthusiastic.  There was definitely a sense of order to the chaos as they worked to deliver massive food orders and clear mounds of dishes between courses.

So overall, great food and a comfortable, lively atmosphere made for an enjoyable dinner and there will definitely be repeat visits in the future.

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    […] From the top down: dips; mezedes; saganaki (mostly eaten before I remembered to photograph it); seafood; roast meat, lamb cutlets, skewers and wonderful lemon potatoes (also recommended by Where Adles eats); salad; and desserts including galactoboureko and loukoumades (loved by Egg tarts and apple pie). […]

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