Fancy Hank’s @ Joe’s Shoe Store

June 11, 2012 at 10:15 am (American, Bar, Northcote)

On hearing that Fancy Hank’s would be serving up Texas BBQ in Northcote, I was prepared to brave the cold to try out Melbourne’s take on one of the standouts on my recent US trip.

The atmosphere was buzzing at Joe’s Shoe Store, with patrons packed into both the bar, as well as lining up out the back for ribs and brisket.  We hunkered down in the dark at the end of the queue with hot toddies to keep us warm as we inched towards the light at the end of the courtyard.

By the time we’d reached the service counter, ribs were unfortunately sold out, so we ordered a bit of the pulled pork and brisket, with BBQ sauce, potato salad, coleslaw and brasserie bread rolls.

To be honest, the food was disappointing.  Missing was the amazing aroma of spices and wood smoke that filled the restaurant at Goode Company, replaced by the smell and bitter taste of butane.  The meat was dry and there was also quite a bit of gristle in the brisket.

On the bright side, loved the drinks and set up at Joe’s Shoe Store and will be back, but with pizzas.

Joe's Shoe Store on Urbanspoon


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