Houston – First day in the US of A

May 26, 2012 at 7:13 pm (American, Travel, USA)

When tourists visit America, they go to California, New York, Florida, Miami…. and Houston usually doesn’t appear on that list.  But what’s there to complain about when you get a business class flight, with 3 weeks, all-expenses paid, to enjoy the wonderful Texan spring?  So, after weeks of anticipation, we were at Melbourne airport, bright and early, all ready to go, but not before a quick caffeine fix at Cafe Vue.

Buzzing with excitement as we left the airport (‘Yay! America!!’), we were keen to try some authentic American food.  This lasted all of about an hour, after which the exhaustion eventually set in, and we decided to settle with whatever was closest to the hotel.

Kona Bar and Grill at the Galleria – American food with an Asian twist…plus a sushi bar?  We started off with ‘Angry’ edamame, smothered in spicy paste, followed by Big Island Meatloaf with shoyu cream and a Kona Filet. I have to say I quite enjoyed the meatloaf 😛

Couldn’t say no to classic key lime pie for dessert so we ordered a slice to share – for future reference, ‘to share’ means a double serving of pie >.<

All in all, a pleasant, though rather unexpected, introduction to Texan cuisine.

To be continued…

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  1. Christine Anderson said,

    Twin Peaks
    I am hoping that it will help some people not make the same mistake we did. Like Many others due to the recession we decided to leave San Diego after 15 years to Houston for a lower cost of living and a heathier economy. Now I have also lived all over the country Boston, Denver, Phoenix and Southern California. Houston definitely has a better economy but thats it. We have been here 3 months and we hate it with a passion.

    • jok3r133 said,

      I’m very interested to hear more of thoughts about the city. We definitely did not get a well-rounded view 😛

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