Cafe Vue at Heide

March 28, 2012 at 10:04 pm (Australian, Heidelberg, Victoria)

We’re always hanging around the city when Mum comes to visit, so I really wanted wanted to take her somewhere different this weekend.  The Heide Museum of Modern Art seemed like a good bet since it has both a gallery, beautiful grounds and was not too long a drive away.  Plus, there’s a Cafe Vue there 😛

Ok, the drive took a bit longer than I expected and we were pretty hungry by the time we arrived, so the first stop at Heide was for lunch.  Located right outside the entrance to the main building, Cafe Vue at Heide has a beautiful set-up, with a bright, sun-lit dining room, as well as outdoor seating in front of the bar.  The smells from the kitchen were divine.

I tend to be quite boring and order the lunchbox whenever I go to Cafe Vue, so, going along with the day’s theme of being different, we chose from the menu instead.  I had one of the “Classics”, Rick’s pulled pork steam bun, and Mum went for the Blackmore Wagyu beef pie, both served with big bowls of house fries.

The pie was beautifully presented, sitting on a bed of mash and pea puree.  It was almost too pretty to cut open but the buttery aroma of the pastry won in the end.  The crust had a lovely crumbly texture, pie filling was quite strongly spiced with just the right amount of sauce, but needed a bit more salt.

The steamed bun with pulled pork was absolutely delicious.  Melt-in-the-mouth, slow-cooked pork, thinly sliced pickled cucumber, tangy tomato sauce on the side, with a sweet, dry bun that soaked up all the juices.  Great balance of sweet, sour and salty elements.

The thick-cut fries were roasted, just cooked through so that they didn’t have a floury texture, and generously salted.  Very addictive.

Unfortunately, we were way too full to have dessert (perfect plan would have been to return for afternoon tea after our walk through the sculpture park and gardens but the cafe was closing early for a function).

Even though there’s a Cafe Vue in the city, the surroundings at Heide are so beautiful that I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to head back that way.  Breakfast looks like it would be particularly nice and you can even go to see where the honey for your porridge is produced.

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  1. The Chommery said,

    I have been reading through many of your posts.
    You have eaten in so many of my favourite places. Keep up the good work.

    • jok3r133 said,

      Thanks 🙂 Been away for a while but am keen to get back into blogging. Any recommendations 😛 ?

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