Snag Stand – Westfield, Sydney

March 27, 2012 at 7:30 pm (Australian, Sydney)

Imagine my delight on returning to Sydney to find that Westfield Sydney had turned into a full-blown foodies’ paradise.  As well as having big names like Justin North and Alessandro Pavoni as drawcards, even the food court has turned gourmet.  Honestly though, I’m annoyed that this had to be finished after I moved because now I’ll need multiple trips back to be able to try all these places.

Catching up with friends for a quick lunch and not wanting to have to wait for seats at a sit-down restaurant, we decided to try the food court.  Boy, it was hard to decide but the delicious aroma wafting from the grill at Snag Stand was just too hard to resist.

As a purveyor of gourmet sausages and ‘haute dogs’, Snag Stand offers a decent range of fancier-than-average options, pairing beef, wagyu, pork, chicken, weisswurst, frankfurt, kransky, lamb, chorizo and vegetarian sausages with fancy condiments (chipotle, pesto, truffle aioli, Spanish cheese, Bavarian mustard,balsamic glaze) and even brioche rolls.  Prices were fairly reasonable give the ingredients, at $7.90-$10.90.  So once we had chosen to eat at Snag Stand, choosing a hot dog was even harder…

The Toulouse, grilled Bangalow pork sausage with sauteed onions, rosemary mushrooms and truffle aioli on a toasted brioche roll, got a big thumbs up.  Very rich, rustic, earthy flavours, with sweetness from the onions to balance it out.

The Spicy Cheese Kransky (wood-smoked and preservative-free) came with semi sun-dried tomatoes, sriracha mayo and cheddar cheese on a toasted brioche roll.  This needed a bit more heat to be able to cut through the fattiness of the brioche and cheese.  There was a lot of cheddar, which was quite sharp, salty and bit over-powering.

Definitely could feel the blood flowing more slowly through my arteries after this lunch.  I’ll be back to Snag Stand but will probably opt for a slightly healthier option- coleslaw counts as salad right?

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