March 27, 2012 at 10:30 pm (Melbourne CBD, Mexican, Victoria)

Melbourne seems to be in the middle of a taco craze at the moment, so we decided to sample some of the fare on offer at Senoritas, a new addition to Meyers Place on the Parliament side of the city.  Decorated in the theme of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, it’s one of the quirkiest spaces I’ve seen in the city, with giant coral-like light shades, intricately painted portraits and detailed trinkets adorning the walls and, of course, a skeleton lady to welcome you into the restaurant.

Drinks were aguas frescas at $5 a glass.  Agua de horchata, made with rice, sugar and cinnamon, was pretty much a rice milk and agua de jamaica, made with hibiscus, tasted like cranberry juice.

S took care of the ordering because I was bamboozled by all the names and ingredients that were crammed into the menu.  We went with salsa and corn chips to start, several tacos, tortillas and one larger share dish.

Salsa borracha (smoky), salso roja de chile de arbol (moderately spicy), salsa verde de chile de habanero (spicy).

Chimichangas; prawn, scallop and cheese with spicy salsa in a flour tortilla.

Tacos Matteo; prawn, refried beans, chipotle mayo, rice, avo and tomato.

Tacos Yucatecos; slow-roasted pork, pickled onions, habanero salsa.

Taco Estilo Baja California; crispy fried black trevally, carrot and cabbage salad, lime, salsa borracha.

Mole Poblano con Pollo; free-range chicken breast, mole poblano, refried beans, mexican rice, cheese, sesame fritter.

S wasn’t too keen on dessert but I insisted on ordering something for completeness.  We went with the Capirotada, described as a Mexican bread pudding with brown sugar cane, peanuts, raisins and queso fresco.

Overall, the food was fairly disappointing and we were left with a $100 bill without feeling like we got much value.  Salsa was expensive ($4 each or $10 for all three) and corn chips were extra on top of that (which we didn’t find out until the bill arrived).  The fish tacos were quite nice as the fried fish had a very light, crispy batter, but the prawn tacos tasted mostly like beans, chimichangas was too cheesy (although there was a decent amount of seafood in the filling) and the pork tacos were a bit bland, too dry and too expensive (a whopping $9.50 per serve, way more than the $6 Melbourne has gotten used to). The corn tacos themselves were also pretty variable; some thick and crumbly, some thin and crunchy, generally quite brittle.  Mole chicken came in a small serve for $32 and the chicken was severely overcooked.

Dessert was not so much of a disaster but whole peanuts didn’t do it for me and the cheese was redundant.  The bread was also quite tough, more like french toast than bread pudding, and difficult to eat with a spoon.  On the plus side, service was fantastic and the staff were genuinely interested in getting feedback, which S provided in a bit of detail, so hopefully things will improve.

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