Seoul Soul

March 19, 2012 at 10:38 pm (Korean, Richmond, Victoria)

A Korean restaurant on Victoria Street?  You never know, it could be the new ‘It’ thing, so off we went to lunch at Seoul Soul, which has recently opened amongst the throng of Vietnamese diners in the heart of Richmond.

On seeing the tiny shopfront, I was immediately reminded of Miss Chu in the CBD; you have the option of sitting at the outdoor bar stools, allowing you a view of the kitchen, or heading inside to one of the long communal tables.  The tables are equipped with BBQ grills, which unfortunately cannot be operated because of the potential smoke build-up in the small dining room.  You can still order BBQ for dinner though, it’s just prepared in the kitchen and served up on sizzling plates.

The lunch menu comprises a selection of smaller plates of dumplings, Korean pancakes and dduk bok ki (stir-fried rice cake), followed by dosirak or meal buckets and bibimbap.  The drinks menu is limited to soft drinks and a couple of Korean drinks, which we decided to try.  Sikhye rice punch (sweet water with rice grains) and Korean soy milk (very bean-y, kind of salty) were “interesting”….

To start, we ordered pork dumplings at $5 for a plate of four.   The dumplings were crunchy (not crispy like pan-fried dumplings); sort of like pork-filled, savoury fortune cookies.

Dumplings were followed by meal buckets (how could you not order this if you saw it on a menu?).  The options were quite typical of Korean diners; bulgogi, teriyaki and spicy.  The dishes are served, literally in buckets, with rice, salad and deep fried finger food (spring rolls, etc).  Very filling but the only thing that really stood out was how sweet everything was; even the spicy chicken was more sweet than spicy.

Seoul Soul serves quick meals that will fill you up on a budget, particularly with the lunch special prices.  However, if you’re looking for something more authentic, I’d stick to Vietnamese on Victoria Street.

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