Jock’s Ice Cream

March 18, 2012 at 12:39 am (Albert Park, Dessert, Victoria)

Hands down the best ice cream in Melbourne; incredibly smooth, creamy texture, great range of unique flavours, made with quality raw ingredients.  And at $4.00 for a single and $5.00 for a double waffle cone, prices are very reasonable for the generous (but not overly large) servings.

Obamarama (peanut butter and jelly) is the clear winner in my books, closely followed by Heilala Vanilla, made with organic Tongan vanilla beans.  Other flavours worth trying include the Gold Medal winning Summer Pudding with sweet berry ripples, Hokey Pokey, dotted with honeycomb pieces, zingy Gingerbread, and the Fig and Date ice creams, chock full of real fruit pieces.  The Plum Pudding flavour appearing around Christmas-time is also worth heading to Albert Park for.

Obamarama and Heilala Vanilla

Summer Pudding and Fig

Not to worry if you can’t find your favourite flavour as you can probably get a take-away container from the fridge.  However, be warned- by doing so, your ice cream intake is likely to increase significantly because you probably won’t be able to stop eating until the tub is finished.

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  1. Lucy Hill said,

    Yeah I Love Jock’s!

  2. Lynda Bay said,

    This so great! Jock’s is always the best! 🙂

  3. Leona Davis said,

    WOW! All the madness of icecream…stress and depression will be gone because of this.

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