Tom Turtle

March 16, 2012 at 11:01 pm (Dessert, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

Tom Turtle is a new dessert cafe that has opened off the corner of Bourke and Russell St in the CBD.  Their selling point is that their ice cream is served in the form of a cube, although I think the wait staff trying attract customers need a better way to market this than “Would you like to try some ice cream? It’s in the shape of a cube.”…..

The design of the cafe is very cute and the desserts are definitely attractive.  During their first few weeks of operation, they are offering a limited menu with promises to expand this further.  You have the option of selecting a plate of 3 or 5 ice cream cubes, presented with a variety of dessert items including crepes, biscuits, jelly and wafers.  For each plate there are one or two set flavours, allowing you to make up the rest with flavours of your choice.

We ordered two plates; Cortina with 3 cubes (pomegranate, teh tarik, coconut pandan), served with raspberries, a biscuit crumble and pandan paste, and Parfette, comprising 5 cubes (lemon lime bitter, peanut butter and jelly, rum and raisin, apple crumble, zabaione), with chocolate, wafer rolls, mandarin segments and crumble.  There were some interesting flavours to choose from, including teh tarik, apple crumble, lemon lime bitter and peanut butter and jelly.  The range was not that great but the full menu will consist of up to 60 different flavours.

The ice cream itself was not that interesting.  To allow the cubes to be formed, it needed to be a bit more ice-y, similar to cornflour-based gelati, and did not have the creamy texture that I personally prefer.  Certain flavours, such as the peanut butter and jelly, stood out from the rest but the majority were not very distinctive at all.  At $10 for 3 cubes and $15 for 5, the pricing is a bit over-the-top.  The high prices also make the cash-only policy quite annoying.

Tom Turtle is one of those places you try once for the novelty factor.  With so much good ice cream on offer in Melbourne, it’s hard to justify paying a premium just for presentation.
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  1. katherine said,

    hey they have a few new things on the menu. I went today and found out that they now have crepes and toast. You should go back. Its much cheaper now

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