Breakfast at Cumulus Inc.

March 15, 2012 at 10:45 pm (Australian, Breakfast/Brunch, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

Going out for breakfast has to be one of my favourite pastimes.  There’s just something special about taking your time in the morning to enjoy an extravagant french toast and having coffee for the sake of coffee, as opposed to just making sure you get your requisite dose of caffeine to get you through the day.  And there really is no better incentive for getting out of bed on a weekday than pre-work breakfast plans.

Cumulus Inc. was one of the first restaurants I wanted to go to, having read multiple interviews in which chefs named the diner as their top pick for breakfast in Melbourne.  It’s not difficult to see why because their extensive menu has something to please everyone.

Lighter options include fruit, delicious toasted honey granola with poached fruit and vanilla yoghurt and a refreshing bircher muesli that’s bound to wake you up, or you can nibble on a bit of everything with the Cumulus Inc. breakfast of a boiled egg, toast with preserves, yoghurt, organic orange juice and caffeinated beverage of your choice.

Seriously gourmet brekky options range from shakshouka, corned beef sandwiches (I should mention that it’s wagyu corned beef) to a full English breakfast for those keen for a fry-up of eggs, smoked tomato, thick-cut farmhouse bacon and blood sausage on toast.

My favourite is the smoked salmon with a 65/65 egg, avocado, apple batons, capers and sorrel on toasted sourdough.  There are many reviews raving about this 65/65 (or onsen) egg and I must say that it is everything it’s cracked up to be (excuse the horrible pun).  Cooked for 65 minutes at 65 degrees (is it sous vide?), the egg white is still slightly translucent, with a runny, sweet yolk.  The other elements are also brilliant, with tart apple and fresh sorrel cutting through the saltiness of the salmon and capers and adding some textural contrast.

So how can this menu get better, you ask?  Well…. you can have dessert as well of course.   Madeleines are freshly baked, filled with a tart lemon curd and arrive dusted with icing sugar.  They are well worth the 15 minute wait, especially if you can enjoy a Single Origin coffee while the cakes are baking.

Cumulus Inc. is definitely high on my list of can’t-go-wrong breakfast locations and I always love to take visitors there to see their looks of wonderment when they see the stylishly minimalist space.  The food is pricey but I’ve never had a bad meal.  Strange because the menu items aren’t particularly extraordinary but the attention to detail makes all the difference.  Staff are friendly, attentive and have always gone the extra mile to make us comfortable.  If only it wasn’t so popular so that I could enjoy a bit more peace and quiet before the crowds arrive on Saturday mornings.
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