MFWF 2012 > Fed Square Favourites Pop-up Restaurant

March 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm (Australian, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s Riverside Opening Weekend, the chefs from Damn Fine Food are serving up free lunch at Fed Square Favourites Pop-up Restaurant.  Designed by Glasshaus’ Paul Hyland, the restaurant consists of a steel structure in the likeness of the Sydney Opera House, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and decorated with hanging flowers.  It was a shame about the weather because this would have looked even more beautiful on a sunny day.

Fed Square Favourites by Damn Fine Food

Out of 10 potential menu items, 5 were selected by public vote as the dishes Melbournians most wanted to eat.  In a number of sessions starting from 10am, Peking duck is followed by tacos, pizza and fish and chips, with pavlova to finish.

Peking duck, tacos, pizza, fish and chips, pavlova - as voted by the public

We tried the Peking duck and soft shell beef tacos.  The food isn’t brilliant but you can’t complain about a free feed, especially with the beautiful set-up and free entertainment in the form of an outdoor cinema right next door.  Get in early to secure your seat though, because they can only seat 30 people per session.

Peking duck

Soft shell beef tacos



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