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I was privileged to be able to attend a function at Matteo’s Restaurant to celebrate my manager’s retirement after 39 years of service in the company.  The restaurant was the perfect venue for the event; a beautiful Victorian terrace located on the quieter end of Brunswick Street.  We sampled some fantastic items from Matteo’s Autumn menu, which comprised mainly Asian-inspired dishes.  The menu seemed somewhat incongruous considering the restaurant’s European styling, but the food was absolutely delicious nonetheless.

We were given the choice of 4 entrées, 4 main courses and either a dessert or cheese platter to finish.  It was a difficult choice, but amongst those at our table, we managed to sample a good cross-section of the menu.


Japanese seafood plate

  • Hiramasa kingfish and Yellowfin tuna sashimi with Tasmanian wasabi, sweet dashi and cucumber sauce
  • Sichuan pepper and garlic prawn tempura with oroshi grated daikon radish
  • Unagi smoked eel roulade with potato and egg salad, pickled plum and bonito mayonnaise

Japanese seafood plate

Steamed spanner crab wonton ravioli with green papaya and mango salad, fried school prawns and coconut laksa sauce – the ravioli filling was beautifully dense and the sauce was delicious.

Spanner crab wonton ravioli

Spatchcock chicken pan-fried with red curry paste, warm bean shoot, peanut and Vietnamese mind salad and annotto oil dressing.

Pan-fried spatchcock chicken


Miso-baked saikyo-yaki Japanese black cod fillet and kara-age fried baby squid filled with red rice and shrimp, with heirloom carrot salad, edamame soyabeans and sea urchin butter sauce.  Ever since tasting the black cod at Nobu, I’ve been addicted and this version added some very interesting flavours to contrast the sweetness of the fish.  And sea urchin butter sauce has become my new favourite thing 😛

Miso-baked saikyo-yaki black cod

Chinese-roasted, five-spiced duck breast with confit duck leg terrine, sweetcorn fritter, stir-fried Chinese broccoli and hoisin-plum sauce.

Chinese-roasted five spice duck

Seared wagyu beef oyster blade with picked savoy cabbage and daikon, red capsicum piperade, tempura mashed potato and beef rib hash ‘chips’ and yakiniku barbecue sauce.

Seared wagyu beef oyster blade

Dessert – La Dolce Vita

Being sugar-addicts, we opted to go for sweets (and I don’t think I could have stomached cheese even if I wanted to after all that food).

  • Warm, dark chocolate fondant pudding.
  • Berry tartlet with white chocolate mousse.
  • Chilled pistachio nougat and candied fruit parfait.

Dessert platter

All-in-all, we had a wonderful night; great company and a delicious meal to celebrate a happy occasion.

Matteo's Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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