Auction Rooms

December 7, 2011 at 10:11 pm (Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee, North Melbourne, Victoria) (, , )

Auction Rooms is one of my favourite brunch places in Melbourne.  The converted warehouse is spacious with seating options to suit any mood- enjoy the sun and street scenery at a table out the front, catch up with a mate at one of the small tables in the the “pit”, hang out with a bunch of friends in the courtyard or sit at the “bar” where you can watch syphon coffee being prepared up close.  The menu options are varied and updated regularly and coffee-wise, the Candyman blend by Small Batch is consistently good.

The honey toasted muesli with vanilla labna and macadamia praline is brilliant; sweet but not too sweet with crunchy bits that stay crunchy after you’ve added milk 😛  A regular feature on the brunch menu, it’s always tempting to just order this again rather than trying something different.  Definitely worth it to try out some of the other options though.

“le fin de Elvis Presley”, french toast with banana and rum puree, macadamia praline, crispy pancetta and vanilla cream.  Quite sad when this was taken off the menu.

However, it was replaced by a lovely pain perdu with pear and walnut cream, apple and fennel purée and poached pears.  The bread was wonderfully dense; imagine making french toast with banana bread.

The rice pudding with bruléed mango and puffed wild rice was pretty interesting.  Served cold, it was a nice refreshing start to a warm day.

On my last visit, I opted for one of the savoury options and went for “the shady deal”, moroccan-style tomato and chorizo stew with eggplant, olives, poached eggs, dukkah and feta, served with grilled flatbread.  Another regular menu item, I found it quite ordinary compared with the other dishes but tasty nonetheless.  Very curious to try the pork belly with coffee BBQ sauce so I guess another trip to North Melbourne is on the books.


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