Polish Festival

November 20, 2011 at 10:44 pm (Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

Although I have many friends who insist that Eastern European food is boring, bland, etc., etc., I absolutely love it (potato filled dumplings are the perfect comfort food haha).  So imagine my excitement when I found out that there would be a Polish Festival held at Fed Square.  Yay for pierogi!

There were quite a few stores selling a huge range of traditional foods including kielbasa slazka (hot dogs), placki ziemniaczane (potato cakes), kaszanka (black pudding), bigos (‘Hunter’s stew’, a traditional meat stew) and sweets such as ciasta (cakes), pacski (donuts) and drozdzowki (spongy yeast cakes or danishes).

First on the menu was placki, or potato cakes, with a garlic sauce.  Sort of like a giant hash brown with tzatziki; need I say more 😛

For main course, I had to go for pierogi (although hot dogs were also tempting).  There were meat and cabbage as well as cheesy potato dumplings.  The meat and cabbage ones were definitely the standout; the cabbage was very thinly shredded so that it soaked up all the lovely seasoning.  They were served with some deep fried crunchy bits in a fragrant oil that was definitely bad for my arteries but oh-so-yummy.

These ladies were selling a selection of cakes – sernik (cheesecake), szarlotka (apple cake) and makowiec (poppy seed cake).  I wanted the best of both worlds so went for the poppy seed cheesecake slice; a sticky orange and poppyseed filling sandwiched between light baked cheesecake and a crumbly biscuit base.

Pastries were too tempting to ignore.  The drozdzowki (yeast dough danishes) sold by the Polish Scouts were wonderfully sweet and (deceptively) light, with three options for fillings; jagodami (blueberry), makiem (poppy seed) and serem (cheese).

If you like simple, hearty, tasty food, you’ll probably enjoy Polish cuisine.  So I say give it a go (but forget about calorie-counting :P).



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