Yumcha at Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant

November 19, 2011 at 4:49 pm (Chinese, Sydney)

We’ve been patrons of Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant for years and the one thing about it that hasn’t changed is that the egg tarts are still the best flaky pastry egg tarts I’ve ever tried.  The custard is delicately sweet and egg-y and the pastry just melt-in-your mouth deliciousness.  Even the tarts in Hong Kong could not compare to one of these when it’s fresh out of the oven.

Oh, and I guess the other thing that hasn’t changed is that the restaurant is always packed.  It became so busy that they had to relocate from their original spot on the main shopping street into a three-storey building.  Even if you turn up at a random time on a weekday, more often than not you will have to wait for a table.

Apart from egg tarts, several other items on the yumcha menu are worth a try:

> Water chestnut pudding – Light and sweet, freshly fried to order like turnip pudding.

> Fried rice noodle rolls – Fried fresh to order and served with hoisin and tahini dipping sauce.

> ‘Ham siu gok’ – A savoury mince filling enclosed in a slightly sweet, deep fried mochi skin.  These are absolutely delicious when fresh and crispy and are definitely not diet-friendly (I have heard of them lovingly referred to as ‘fat and sugar dumplings’ :P).

> Rice noodle rolls – Thin rice noodle sheets with a savoury filling and sweet soy sauce dressing.  Go for the prawn or beef filling; the BBQ pork version has an odd texture (the meat is chewy but slightly soggy at the same time >.<).

> Chinese donuts – These look sort of like cow tongues (the name literally translates to ‘ox-tongue pastry’); sweet and pillowy on the inside, wonderfully crispy on the outside when fresh.

> ‘Chiu jau fun gwor’ – Probably my favourite dumpling.  A steamed dumpling consisting of a mince, peanut, celery, garlic and coriander filling wrapped in a sticky, translucent rice flour skin, sort of like a ‘har gau’ skin.  (For Masterchef fans, these were the dumplings that were described as the most difficult dumplings to make during the Hong Kong yumcha challenge).

> Prawn ‘har gau’ and pork and prawn ‘siu mai’ – Just because I don’t think anyone goes to yumcha without ordering these 😛

I was a bit disappointed on my last visit to Sunny- we were seated on the third floor which was a bit poorly furnished compared with the lower levels, and some of the dishes were served cold, probably because we were so far from the kitchen.  The quality of the food left much to be desired compared with the pre-move fare- there was a lot more pork fat in the siu mai, the dumpling skins were too thick, some of the dumplings were overcooked and broke when we tried to lift them from the steamers and the fried items were a bit soggy (oozing oil is never appetising).  Thankfully, the egg tarts were still good 😛  I hope this was just a one-off thing because it was a particularly busy service.  Just to be safe though, I would suggest that you request not to be seated on the third floor if you decide to go.


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