Shanghai Street

November 15, 2011 at 9:27 pm (Chinese, Melbourne CBD, Victoria) ()

Despite being a fairly recent and low-key addition to Melbourne’s dumpling scene, Shanghai Street has already attracted a following.  Open for service from 11.30am to 8.30pm Monday to Saturday, your best bet for avoiding the queue is getting there right on opening time.

Xiao long bao are the winners on this tiny diner’s surprisingly extensive menu.  Gingery pork mince in a flavour-packed soup, skillfully enclosed in a thin dumpling wrapper.  Not as delicate or pretty as Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao but gives Hutong’s version a run for its money IMO.  Also quite authentic according to the Shanghainese diner I shared mine with (as usual, I got a bit excited and ordered too much haha).  Only thing missing was some shredded ginger to go with the soy sauce and chilli.

Fried dumplings are quite light, with thin wrappers nicely crisp but not soggy; a far cry from the stodgy, oily fare that is often served in other CBD restaurants.

Juicy pork buns or ‘san jien bao’ are prepared as they should be; fry-steamed like pot stickers.  I’m always quite disappointed when restaurants serve pre-steamed buns, fried to crisp up the base, which makes them dry and unpalatable.  Like the xiao long boa, Shanghai Street’s pork buns also contain soup, so warn your fellow diners before you chow down!

Another fried delight is the spring onion pancake.  Interesting texture, being made with rice flour.  Eat it while it’s hot though or it can get pretty soggy.

There are also a variety of wontons, fantastic served with a hot, clear broth.  Don’t be too miffed if the filling falls out of the skin though 😛

Noodle dishes are great value for money if you’re looking for a quick meal.  Noodles with pork sauce for just $6.80!

Overall, Shanghai Street is great for no-fuss, tasty food at low prices.  Not everything on the menu is blow-your-mind but it’s definitely on the top of my list for CBD dumplings.


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