October 9, 2011 at 4:08 pm (Italian, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

After having sampled Sarti’s pistachio panna cotta at Taste of Melbourne, I was keen to try some other items from the restaurant’s menu.  Working through the extensive list of stuzzichini options would have been a great way to try a bit of everything, but we were a bit pushed for time and opted for a main and dessert instead.

(Doesn’t the entrance look so very European?  Love it ^^)

Another reason I was eager to head to Sarti was that one of the menu items is seasonal, wild harvested game and the featured game meat at the time was Tasmanian wallaby.  If the idea of eating these cute little critters horrifies you, be assured that harvesting native fauna is much better for the environment than rearing introduced species for food (at least, that’s how I tried to console my conscience).  Wallaby carpaccio was available as a starter but I was curious to see how the meat compares to kangaroo when cooked.

The seared wallaby fillet was served rare with grilled green asparagus, a white asparagus puree, wild raspberries and malt soil.  Definitely had an Australian theme going there.  The meat was not as game-y as kangaroo but just as lean and rare is probably as far as you can take it.  The wild raspberries were nothing like raspberries; very tart and I wouldn’t be putting them in desserts but they were a really interesting addition.  Conclusion- wallaby tastes great so give it a go if you see it on a menu.

Dessert was “Amarena gelato”; cherry gel, swirled through gelato, sandwiched between two crumbly biscuits and topped with crushed hazelnuts- pretty much a fancy, delicious ice cream sandwich.  If you’re wondering about the frozen liquid biscuit, it’s like a circle of very fine shortcrust pasty that melts as soon as you put in your mouth.  So good…

J chose the panna cotta (so I was able to get a photo of the properly plated version :P) and was very happy with it.  The only problem was that the serving of salted caramel popcorn was significantly larger than that in the Taste of Melbourne sample and very difficult to eat with any semblance of refinement.  Then again, whenever I see anything like popcorn on a menu, I take it as an invitation to throw all that fancy nonsense out the window and just dig in 😛

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  1. Serena said,

    Dying to try that last dessert.

  2. Holly Richmond said,

    Thanks for the great review! So glad you enjoyed the large serving of popcorn! The team at Sarti

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