October 8, 2011 at 8:34 pm (Australian, Fitzroy, Victoria)

On our trip to Gertrude St for the July Projection Festival, we took the opportunity to pay a visit to Cutler&Co.  After a couple of great dining experiences at Cumulus Inc., expectations of the Aus Gourmet Traveller 2010 Restaurant of Year were high, and we were not disappointed.

The restaurant is divided into a bar section and a dining room.  The bar looks brilliant at night, with much of the light coming mainly from the electric blue ampersand outside- fit right in with the rest of jazzed-up Gertrude St.  The dining room is also divided into two areas.  A larger, open seating area occupies the middle of the restaurant and style-wise, is like a transition between the bar and a more intimate dining space right at the back of the building, in which we were seated.  It’s a beautiful area, bathed in a gold glow from the cloud-like lights hanging from the ceiling and dressed with tree-ferns and other greenery to soften the painted brick and cement of the overall industrial-chic theme.

So enough gushing about how awesome the place looks- onto the food!

If it wasn’t already 9.30 by the time we sat down, we would have definitely gone for the degustation.  Everything on the menu looked so good!!  And having the menu items presented as just lists of the key ingredients made it even harder to choose because there were so many combinations that sounded really interesting.

(Apologies for the quality of the photos- the restaurant was quite dimly lit and my camera isn’t really suited for indoors).
First course, poached chicken with foie gras, spring onion, quinoa and prune.  I now see why people make such a fuss about foie gras.  So rich… but the whole dish was really nice and light, especially with the sweet prune paste and crunchy quinoa.

D ordered Jerusalem artichoke soup, with Hervey Bay scallops, apple and chestnut.  Jerusalem artichokes seem to feature in a lot of menus these days – must try next time 😛

For main, we both ordered slow cooked duck breast, confit leg pie, mustard fruit, turnip and cavolo nero (after seeing that Masterchef mystery box challenge, I was really curious to see what mustard fruit tastes like).  Yum.

The dessert menu was like a child’s dream come true.  I was way too full to even contemplate ordering pain perdu and was tempted by the idea of a fine-dining marshmallow, but the chocolate ice cream sandwich with vanilla parfait and salted caramel won in the end.  The chocolate ice-cream was so chocolate-y, the parfait so packed full of vanilla and the salted caramel sauce so deliciously rich that I could have licked the plate (honestly, I seriously contemplated it) XD

Definitely a good choice and I’m looking forward to my next visit (when my budget allows for it).

Highlights from the Projection Festival:

Cutler & Co on Urbanspoon


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