The Press Club

August 14, 2011 at 9:43 pm (Greek, Melbourne CBD, Victoria)

When family and friends come to Melbourne with a view to sample its gastronomic delights (regardless of the potential damage to their saving plans), what better place to take them than The Press Club?  Also a convenient excuse for yours truly to finally bring her plans to visit this now iconic establishment to fruition.

Needless to say, it was pretty much impossible to choose an appetizer, main and dessert combination from the extensive menu, so we decided to go all out with the degustation option.  The Symbosio menu consisted of 8 courses, giving us a taste of cuisine from different regions of Greece, with a modern twist.  (Forgive me if I accidentally leave things out of the descriptions of the dishes below- each dish had so many components!)

We started off with Cypriote olives in George’s olive oil, sourced from Crete.  This was served with bread for dipping and black volcanic salt.  I could have eaten a whole loaf of bread with that olive oil and salt 😛

First course – “Glikadia” or sweetbreads; a bonus to try since it wasn’t offered on the à la carte menu.  The sweetbreads were deep fried (crunchy on the outside and lovely and creamy in the centre).  They were served with a mousse, orange jelly and a crunchy walnut granola.

Second course – “Mushroom”, pine and smoked onion trifle, soft egg, feta crema.  The slow cooked egg (reminiscent of a 65/65 egg) formed a sauce to bind the other components together.

Third course – “Crab”, Blue Swimmer pastitsio, celery and leak, seafood foam.  This was described as a modern version of a Greek, crab lasagna, topped with a savoury foam.  Can’t believe how much flavour was packed into that foam.

Fourth course – “Salmon”, fenugreek, kalamaris, eel kroketes.  A grilled fillet of salmon with tiny morsels of baby calamari.  The eel krokete was very tasty- sort of like takoyaki 😛

Fifth course – “Duck”, breast and leg, cabbage kokkinisto, celeriac.  The confit duck leg was made into the form of a spiced brick.  I’m loving this trend towards doing more interesting things with duck confit- Pony does a confit leg cigar (read “spring-roll”), Number 8 a confit leg parcel and Cutler&Co a confit leg “pie”.

Sixth course – “Wild venison”, SA Flinders Ranges, beetroot horiatiki, fakes, pastelaki.  Definitely the most complicated course in the menu.  Never thought I’d see a chocolate muesli bar on the same plate as venison haha.

Seventh course – “Refreshing”, yoghurt sorbet, frozen citrus, citrus jelly.  Boy was this a great palate cleanser.

Eighth course – “Sokolata”, krema, earl grey, chocolate almond soil, green apple and ginger batons, salted caramel.  Best…dessert…ever.  Velvety smooth, decadent, tea-smoked mousse with apple and ginger jellies and an awesomely crunchy chocolate-almond crumble.

Overall, dining at The Press Club was definitely a worthwhile investment 😛


Thanks to Andrew N. for his beautiful photos.  Check out his Flickr site for more:

The Press Club on Urbanspoon


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